sep 1 roadmap update

The Captain Ewave Roadmap Update For Sep 1 2020:


How does gold go to $3000… $5000, or more?

Well, obviously the driver is debt, and mainly government debt.  Pestilence, riots, and even wars could play a supporting role.


For an ewave perspective…

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While the Captain isn’t willing to project beyond the $4200 area right now, there is supporting wave action that suggests $5000, and higher, could be coming.

Please click here now: The CDNX junior miners index C wave target zone is so high that a gold price of $5000 or higher is likely required to get it there.

Next, please click here now: The silver target of $86 also bodes well for gold $3000+.

It’s been a wild ride to date, and as the price goes higher, the ride will get wilder, especially for futures traders.  A $100/ounce move in gold is a big percent move at a $1000 gold price, but at $2000, $3000, or higher, it’s not very big.

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Captain & Crew