Welcome to Captain Ewave!

Engineered for excellence, the focus of this site is to provide practical Elliot Wave analysis of major asset classes for investors in the gold community.

A trading service is also here, to trade the short term swings.   All the ewave analysis is performed by a professional engineer who consults to a major energy company.

All site postings and emails are edited professionally.

The wave counts and the trades come from the man himself, Captain Ewave.  The Captain is Gary Kalynchuk, son of a hardworking postman and family man.  He's a dedicated family man himself, (see the picture above with him fighting a bush fire in his neigbourhood with his two sons).  Gary is also a professional engineer who self-built a massive 400 employee engineering company, and did it right from scratch.

He now sits on the board of many public companies.  Not surprisingly, the Captain's greatest passion is performing Elliot Wave Analysis that makes his subscribers money with winning calls!   The Captain takes the main trades himself, because they make money.  It's not just theoretical Ewave analysis taking place here.  The focus is making money and making it consistently, featuring pro-style risk management.

There's always a big difference between predicting the market's direction and making money in that market, and the Captain does what it takes to score.

Your business is greatly appreciated by the entire Ewave crew and you can contact us as follows:

Email:  admin@captainewave.com

Snail Mail:

Captain Ewave

1276 Lakeview Drive

Oakville, Ontario, L6H 2M8



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